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Real Estate and Property Law Lawyer in Richmond and Metro Vancouver

Real estate law matters often involve transactions with a great deal of money at stake. At the law office of Bernard Lau and Co., our team has worked extensively with all of the major chartered banks to handle your mortgage needs, as well as developed a strong network of legal professionals overseas to facilitate out-of-town signings in China, Hong Kong and the rest of the Asia- Pacific regions.

We understand that when you are purchasing or selling a property, any number of legal issues and problems can appear during the transaction. In addition to our basic conveyancing service, our legal team has the necessary real estate and litigation experience to handle many of these common challenges for you.

Our services include:

  • Purchases and sales
  • Title searches
  • Mortgages & refinance
  • Title examinations
  • Property lien removal
  • Real estate disputes and litigation

We can advise you through all stages of your transaction, from negotiating the terms of the Contract of Purchase and Sale to resolving disputes during closing including home deficiencies, oil tank discoveries and collapsing deals.

Our team has been involved in countless purchase, sale and refinancing transactions and we understand the pressures associated with the real estate business. Our flexibility, responsiveness and availability allow us to accommodate a diverse range of client needs from evening and weekend signings to overseas signings. Our experience allows us to close transactions while protecting our clients’ interests while maintaining practical, efficient, and cost-effective service to our clients.

Bernard Lau & Co. remains fully operational during the COVID-19 health emergency. Our commitment to providing excellent client service is still a priority. While you may be used to coming in to our office to drop off your information and to meet with us in person, we are recommending the following alternatives: phone calls or video conferences may be scheduled in lieu of face-to-face meetings, and your personal information can be emailed to us at your convenience. We are providing remote signing for conveyancing.Learn More