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When you buy a home, it’s natural to assume that the seller has the legal right to sell you the property and that the title is clear from liens or encumbrances. However, this assumption can have serious consequences if someone else with a claim or lien on the property shows up on your doorstep. Before you put pen to paper and complete this substantial purchase, it’s important to do your due diligence. One way to ensure that you are interacting with the property’s legal owner is by conducting a property title search. Hiring a real estate lawyer helps you find the most accurate results and avoid any potential pitfalls.

At Bernard Lau and Co., we understand that although buying property is an exciting life event, it can also involve numerous legal difficulties. Our experienced team is committed to safeguarding your investment. We will guide you through the property title search process and provide accurate results to help you make the best possible decision.

Our services

Bernard Lau and Co. offers property title search services to help put your mind at ease about the state of the property that you are considering purchasing.

Reviewing property records

A title search involves looking through public records to determine the rightful legal owner of a property. The search can also reveal whether the property has any claims or liens that could affect your purchase. In addition, the title search will also reveal if there are issues that need to be resolved prior to any purchase or sale transaction, including any ‘pending’ charges, or even if the ‘duplicate title’ has been removed from the Land Title Office which will impede the transaction and may require time to resolve. Conducting a title search requires ordering and then reviewing this public document at the BC Land Title Office.

Why hire a lawyer to conduct a property title search?

Although anyone may conduct a title search at the Land Title Office including your realtor, only a lawyer can give you legal advice upon interpreting the results of the search, which may often require a follow up on certain charges, liens or encumbrances on title. Caution is essential even if you believe you have sufficient information about the property you intend to purchase. A real estate transaction lawyer with the right expertise will alert you to any issues of concern on a title search and provide you with the information that you need to consider in order to address any risks that may appear.

Are you seeking a lawyer in Richmond to help you with your title search?

If you’re looking for a real estate lawyer in Richmond, BC to order and interpret any title searches for a potential property, contact Bernard Lau and Co.

Our experienced and knowledgeable real estate transaction lawyers will conduct an exhaustive property title search on your behalf. We will explain the findings in detail to guide your decision and reduce any risk associated with your purchase.

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