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The notarization of documents can be crucial. It helps establish clarity and certainty of the contents in a document and the parties involved in an agreement. Documents without notarization sometimes risk rejection, fraud, perjury, and may be considered invalid in a court of law or a foreign country. A notary public can help you notarize signatures on legal documents and certify copies of original documents.

At Bernard Lau & Co., we can notarize your documents. Our lawyers are qualified to provide notary public services in British Columbia.

Types of notary services

There are various types of notary services available, which usually depend on the purpose, the document you want to notarize and the parties involved. These documents include:

1. Travel consent forms
A notary public can notarize your child's travel consent letter to make it easier for them to travel abroad alone, with one parent, or with relatives when you're not accompanying them. Although it's not mandatory, without a travel consent letter, your child may be prevented from re-entering Canada or restricted from entering or leaving a foreign country. Depending on the relevant legal requirements or policies, a notarized consent letter can help avoid travel delays and travel restrictions.

2. Property transfer documents
Property transfer documents are legal documents that record the transfer of the interest in real property from one owner to another. For certain property transfer documents to be accepted by the Land Title Office, the transferor and the transferee must sign the documents and have them notarized and witnessed respectively by their notary public or conveyancing lawyer. At Bernard Lau and Co., we notarize property transfer documents that our office prepares, or other transfer documents that other firms may prepare as well.

3. Affidavits
An affidavit is a document that affirms the events you witnessed or experienced, often concerning a court case, and confirms them as true. For an affidavit to be admissible in court, it must be sworn or affirmed in front of a notary public, a lawyer or a commissioner for taking oaths in BC.

Are you looking for notarization services in Richmond, BC?

Contact Bernard Lau and Co. if you need notarization services in Richmond, BC. We can notarize English and Chinese documents for local and international use.

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