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Wills and Estate Lawyer in Richmond and Metro Vancouver

Why should you make a will?

Every individual who owns assets or has a spouse or young children should have a will. The time that you spend with a lawyer planning your estate could save your spouse, children and other beneficiaries much time, effort and money. By not having a will, you lose the right to decide who will manage your affairs, who gets how much of your estate and when. More importantly, if you have young children, you lose the right to appoint a guardian of your choice to look after and care for your children. In addition to these problems, the costs to administer your estate will be drastically increased if you were to pass away without a will.

The lawyers of Bernard Lau and Co. would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your estate matters and to prepare a will that contains your intentions and wishes that will be properly reflected upon your passing. Visit our location today.

Probate Lawyer Richmond and Metro Vancouver, BC

What happens after your death or the death of a loved one?

You may need to undergo a legal process known as Probate.

What is Probate?

Probate is a Court approval process that validates your will and confirms the appointment of an Executor. It is one of the most vital steps in the estate administration process that enables the Executor to carry out tasks such as paying creditors and distributing assets to all beneficiaries. The Probate process is strict and a failure to fulfill the requirements may delay the Grant of Probate which in turn may cause stress for you and your family. If performed incorrectly, the Executor may incur personal liability for errors made in administering the Estate.

Bernard Lau and Co. would be pleased to assist in the Probate process as well as assisting your Executors to carry out their lawful duties under Probate. We have assisted countless clients during the Probate process and would be happy to meet and discuss how we can assist during these difficult times.

Bernard Lau & Co. remains fully operational during the COVID-19 health emergency. Our commitment to providing excellent client service is still a priority. While you may be used to coming in to our office to drop off your information and to meet with us in person, we are recommending the following alternatives: phone calls or video conferences may be scheduled in lieu of face-to-face meetings, and your personal information can be emailed to us at your convenience. We are providing remote signing for conveyancing.Learn More