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Purchase and Sales Contract Review Law Lawyer in Richmond and Metro Vancouver

Buying or selling property is one of the biggest decisions you will make. There's often a lot of money involved, and misunderstandings can jeopardise your investment or cause you to pay more than necessary. When completing a real estate transaction, it's beneficial to hire a real estate transaction lawyer who will help you understand your purchase and sales contract, represent you during the transaction and protect your interests.

Real estate agreements require expertise and meticulous attention to detail. At Bernard Lau & Co., our knowledgeable lawyers have extensive experience in real estate law and will help you successfully navigate the process.

What does a purchase and sales contract review entail?

If you are looking to buy property, it's important to do your due diligence before signing anything. Having a lawyer review your purchase and sales contract and verify what is and isn't included can help you negotiate better terms and ensure you get your money's worth. If an important term critical to you is discussed but not included in the contract, that term may not be contractually binding on all parties.

A typical contract review involves finding out if:

  • The contract is an accurate representation of the negotiated agreement between the buyer and seller
  • All essential terms such as the right parties and property involved are correctly identified
  • The contract's duration is clear and includes all important dates and subject clauses
  • The payment terms and circumstances are clearly defined
  • There are ambiguous terms that can be interpreted differently and cause problems
  • The rights and obligations of both parties are accurately described
  • Has the other party’s promises, warranties and representations been properly included in the contract?

Purchase and Sales Lawyers in Richmond

If you're looking for a lawyer to review your real estate contract, contact Bernard Lau & Co. Our boutique firm has a diverse, reputable team of legal professionals ready to guide you through your purchase, sales, and refinancing transactions. We will ensure that your purchase and sales contract clearly outlines the terms agreed upon by both parties.

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