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Civil Litigation and Trials Lawyer in Richmond and Metro Vancouver

Bernard Lau and Co.'s litigation practice seeks satisfactory resolutions to complex problems through negotiated settlements or a successful outcome in court. While we strive to minimize litigation costs through alternative dispute resolution techniques such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration, clients can also count on Bernard Lau and Co. to confront litigious matters directly in court. The lawyers of Bernard Lau and Co. have experience encompassing all stages of litigation, from pleadings to trial, and are prepared to handle your civil matter whether in Provincial Court or Supreme Court.

We use all of the legal tools at our disposal to resolve disputes effectively and in a cost-efficient manner, including settlement out of court and where appropriate, court proceedings. Clients can be assured that the lawyers of Bernard Lau and Co. have their best interests at heart and are prepared to advocate fearlessly on their behalf in court.

Bernard Lau and Co.'s Civil Litigation practice experience includes the following practice areas:

  • Real estate and property disputes
  • Joint tenancy and property co-ownership disputes
  •  Collapsing real estate transactions and forfeiture of deposits
  •  Property liens
  • Loan disputes
  • Builders liens
  • Defamation