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Real Estate Disputes and Litigation Lawyers in Richmond and Metro Vancouver

Whether you’re a commercial or residential property owner, real estate developer, property manager, tenant or member of a condominium association, you might someday find yourself involved in a real estate dispute. These disputes can cause significant financial losses and emotional distress for all parties involved. While most real estate disputes can be resolved outside of court, some may require litigation to reach a solution. Having a real estate disputes and litigation lawyer on your side during the litigation process can benefit your case.

The legal professionals at Bernard Lau and Co. have extensive experience representing clients in real estate disputes. Our team of real estate disputes and litigation lawyers can understand your individual needs and develop legal strategies to reach a favourable outcome. We will advocate for your rights and take swift action to protect your financial and legal interests.

Our areas of expertise

Real estate transactions are often sealed with a contract. When you sign a contract to sell, lease or buy property, you and the other parties agree to comply with the terms and conditions in that agreement. Disputes can arise if either party fails to comply with the terms laid out.

Our real estate lawyers have experience resolving a variety of property disputes, including:

  • Resident and commercial landlord and tenant disputes, including issues regarding rent increases, lease renewals and terminations, property damage and repairs, seizure of assets, tenant abandonment and evictions
  • Disputes about purchase and sale agreements of commercial and residential properties
  • Issues arising from undisclosed property defects that weren’t shared before the agreement and other instances of negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Claims on a title that affect a property’s value or use, such as liens, court judgements, certificates of pending litigation, caveats or easements
  • Zoning and boundary issues
  • A buyer’s failure to close a purchase due to their inability to obtain sufficient financing
  • Conflicts arising from a selling price being more than a property’s value upon appraisal
  • A seller’s failure to close a purchase because they’ve found another buyer willing to pay more for the property
  • Disputes concerning rights of way, easements and statutory building schemes
  • The enforcement of mortgages and lines of credit registered against the title to land by foreclosure

How can our real estate litigation lawyers help you?

Real estate litigators can be extremely valuable if you’re involved in a property dispute. Our real estate lawyer will assess your case and work in your best interests to resolve the dispute as efficiently as possible while protecting your rights and avoiding additional conflict.

Our knowledgeable team can also provide quality legal advice and clarity to businesses and individuals who aren’t involved in a dispute but would like insights into property issues. For example, if you’re a residential or commercial property owner and plan to evict your tenant or terminate their lease, it’s important to know the legal steps to follow. Seeking legal counsel ahead of time can help you avoid unnecessary trouble.

Are you looking for a real estate disputes and litigation lawyer in Richmond?

If you’re involved in a real estate dispute and need a real estate litigation lawyer, contact Bernard Lau and Co.

The skilled professionals at our firm understand the complex nature of property disputes. We will explore all possibilities for dispute settlement and protect your rights throughout the litigation process. Our team is committed to helping you navigate the complicated and dynamic real estate landscape.

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