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How Can a Civil Litigation Lawyer Help?

How Can a Civil Litigation Lawyer Help? | Bernard Lau and Co. Law Office

Civil litigation refers to instances where two or more people are involved in a non-criminal legal dispute, and generally speaking, one or both parties believe they are entitled to money or a specific relief that can be granted by the Court.

It can cover a wide variety of different cases, including everything from disputes involving the purchase and sale of real estate or other goods or services, debt collections and even human rights discrimination.

If you wish to file a lawsuit, you should consult a civil litigation lawyer first. A civil litigation lawyer will evaluate your case to determine whether it has a good chance of being successful, the benefits and risks of proceeding with the lawsuit, as well as propose creative, out-of-court solutions that may not require a full trial or even Court attendance.

Among the types of litigation cases that Bernard Lau and Co. primarily handle are:

Real estate disputes

Real estate disputes can include breaches of contract by buyers or sellers, co-ownership of property disputes, beneficial ownership disputes, liens and freezing of real estate assets and deposit forfeiture cases. A related subcategory can include realtor negligence or breach of fiduciary duties whereupon realtors may not have acted in the best interests of their clients and have resulted in monetary loss for their clients. Real estate disputes can be complex and the stakes can be quite high. Time is often of the essence and aggrieved parties are often best served if they are aware of their legal rights and remedies as early as possible so that they can immediately take action to preserve their rights against the subject property, often by deploying tactical tools such as a certificate of pending litigation or a caveat.


Defamation involves the damaging of one’s reputation through false words either published in writing such as through internet postings, blogs or online reviews, or through traditional media. It can even occur via the spoken word if a 3rd party were present to overhear the defamation in question. Although monetary damages are typically sought, alternative solutions may involve issuing a cease-and-desist letter to limit the further dissemination of the defamatory message, the publishing of a formal retraction as well as the issuance of an apology by the offending party.

Choosing the right civil litigation lawyer

Although civil litigation lawyers can handle a range of matters, you may be best served to retain a lawyer who practices in exclusive practice areas. This is something you should consider when seeking to hire a lawyer for your particular case. The law office at Bernard Lau and Co. has extensive experience handling litigation matters particularly involving real estate disputes and defamation, including amassing years of trial and court experience from helping clients with problems such as yours. Our litigation cases have also attracted local and national media attention for their monetary and public interest significance. If you have a case matter and would like to see if our law office can assist you, please contact us at 604-285-5240.

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